The power of platforms over aggregators

The power of platforms over aggregators

The question that I ask myself is do healthcare providers really need an aggregator? After interacting with a lot of doctors and understanding various software providers, I have concluded that healthcare providers can do better without aggregators. What you need as a provider is a customisable suite of applications. I will try to explain my logic in this blog.

Some definitions :
Supplier/healthcare provider/entity - Clinics, hospitals and individual doctors.
Consumers - Patients and end-users.

The value chain of any given healthcare market is divided into three parts - patient acquisition, management and retention. The best way to make outsize profits in any of these markets is to either gain a horizontal monopoly in one of the three parts or to integrate two of the parts such that you have a competitive advantage in delivering a vertical solution.

Aggregators follow the first principle; Platforms, on the other hand, are powerful because they facilitate a relationship between suppliers and end-users.


Patient acquisition:

It's often projected that aggregators have more patients and can drive more consumers to your entity. My personal opinion is this - there is only one place patients go to search and that is Google. A simple website with keywords like “doctor near me” or “dentist(your speciality) near me” can increase your clientele by 5%. A proper website with good seo practices can increase your clientele by 15% (organic).

A good digital marketing strategy (paid marketing) can increase it much more.


The value chain also depends on the optimisation of resources within your entity. This can be any of the following:

  • - Employee management.

  • - Faster operational workflows.

  •  - Operational process automation.

  •  - Faster handshake of information between stakeholders.

No aggregator provides this for your entity.


There is only one way for healthcare providers to retain their customers - by providing better care. The tools you require for this include telemedicine, chat apps, patient apps.

Understanding NeftX packages:

NeftX Atom - Patient acquisition suite of applications.

NeftX Pro - Patient acquisition, management and retention suite of applications.

NeftX partners - NeftX does not do any digital marketing. But you can select a NeftX partner you are comfortable with.

To sum up, you really don’t need an aggregator. You need the right tools. NeftX provides you with these tools at an affordable price. Register to know more..


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