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From Patient Acquisition to Care Fulfillment

Patient Acquisition

Leverage our website module to create your online presence, seamlessly integrate your current marketing tools into our system, and accurately measure ROI throughout the patient's journey.

HMS - Management

Utilize our comprehensive Hospital Management System to monitor the patient's journey and efficiently administer your Electronic Medical Records and other related processes.


Establish connections with your pharmacy and laboratory services, or engage with third-party vendors for seamless service integration.

Discover why leading doctors and hospitals choose us for their healthcare setups.

Interoperableto save multiple entries
Data privacyYour hospital, your data
CustomizableTailored workflows and templates
360°Access data anytime, anywhere
Only with us!

Not an aggregator

Our platform serves as a direct bridge between healthcare providers and their patients, avoiding the complexities and limitations of aggregators

Scalable and Adaptable Platform

Engineered for growth, our platform scales with your practice, seamlessly adapting to evolving healthcare landscapes and expanding patient needs.

White-Labeled Customization

Our solution adapts to your branding, offering a seamless and personalized experience for your users.

Comprehensive Delivery Models

By democratizing technology, we support an extensive range of healthcare delivery models—digital, phygital, and physical.

How It Works?

Behind the scenes.

NeftX operates as the technological backbone for hospitals, offering a comprehensive platform that streamlines patient interactions and optimizes healthcare delivery. By facilitating direct connections between patients and healthcare services, NeftX ensures that appointments, service inquiries, and feedback are efficiently managed. The platform's robust backend supports a wide array of services including Outpatient Departments (OPD), pharmacies, laboratories, and Inpatient Departments (IPD), all while maintaining a seamless and intuitive experience for patients. Hospitals leveraging NeftX can customize their offerings, using AI to tailor websites and manage patient data, ensuring a personalized and secure healthcare journey. With NeftX, healthcare providers gain a powerful tool for enhancing patient satisfaction, improving service delivery, and driving operational excellence. The platform's emphasis on direct engagement and comprehensive care models positions hospitals to meet the evolving needs of their patients, making healthcare more accessible, efficient, and responsive.

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Is NeftX free?

Yes, its free! Only the premium services like digital marketing are charged.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes. If you ever decide that NeftX isn’t the right platform for your business, simply cancel your account. You can download your data too.

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