Neftx - Success story - How a dental clinic stood out from the rest

Neftx - Success story - How a dental clinic stood out from the rest

There are plenty of NeftX success stories. NeftX is the perfect platform for small and medium clinics/hospitals, giving them a one-stop-shop to digitize their clinic.

In this article, we'll discuss how Global dent dental hospital in Hyderabad digitized its clinic.

Global dent dental hospital is a dental clinic in Hitech City, Hyderabad founded by Dr Charan with 15+ years of experience. It is a single doctor clinic with good ambience and state of the art facilities.


Global dent was looking to go digital for quite some time now. By the time we approached them, they had a static website with expired ssls. They wanted a complete HMS with a website for their clinic. Issues they were facing:

  • Most vendors were aggregators. They did not want this as a solution.
  • Most vendors provided only HMS and appointments via their websites. Global Dent wanted their website and branding solution.
  • The doctors and staff were too busy to buy, maintain and take care of domains.
  • They wanted the ability for patients to self-register and book appointments online.
  • They wanted to purchase HMS from one vendor and get a website developed by another. This created a new set of issues - integration between two systems, complete dependence on developers for a small change and cost.
No guesses here. NeftX's suite helped them solve all issues!

  • Increased patient walkins.
  • One bill, one vendor and one software for all their needs.
  • Hands-free billing for their staff.
  • Ease of use.
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