NeftX Digitisation Challenge

NeftX Digitisation Challenge

Race to digitise your clinic, build a brand and increase your online presence - with NeftX as your teammate. We will train you!


Final call March 12, 2023

Evaluation and winner announcement March 14, 2023

How it works

NeftX is an end-to-end solution for your clinic. You can streamline all your workflows, schedule appointments, Rollout prescriptions and create your own website with a few clicks. Just schedule a demo and we will explain everything. You can also mail us at with “NeftX Digitization Challenge” as the subject to participate.

You will be in pro subscription during the challenge period.

Why should engineers have all the fun? Developers get to participate in many contests and win free stuff when new disruptive technologies come out. We want to bring that same excitement to the medical field by gamifying it for doctors. Let's make healthcare engaging together!


The faster you finish, the higher you’ll rank on the leaderboard.

TL;DR Just use all features in NeftX to win the contest!

You need to:

  • Design and finish your website.

  • Roll out as many prescriptions as you can.

  • Use the workflow.


  • The top three winners get a Chromebook.

  • Next 10 get a 3-year Neftx pro subscription for free

  • Next 12 get a 2-year NeftX pro subscription for free

We are always available to help you. We will also tell you how easy it is to write a profile section with chatgpt!

Good luck!